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American Broadcast TV Series Fall 2011 Premiers

American Broadcast TV Series Fall 2011 Premiers
Sean Thompson 09/22/2011

I am a huge fan of the television, I grew up watching show after show and have found much enjoyment from it. In particular, I like to watch shows in sequential order, in a few cases waiting for a season to complete so that I could buy the DVD's and watch the first few episodes that I've missed. This has all been changing!

In recent years dramatic series (including standard television programming) have become increasingly available through the internet. With YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and the individual network websites, there are increasingly fewer shows that cannot be watched online. Yet, for some reason the networks seem intent to fight this trend. The old broadcast method is apparently too familiar for many of the decision makers to grasp. Television in its current form is dying. They must innovate or die! I understand that some of the networks are big (really big), yet big networks have fallen before, and this new media that we are moving towards like a juggernaut is like nothing before.

What needs to happen... TV shows need to be released worldwide, current with the original broadcast, disconnected from a block season and on multiple competing sites. The old school of thought is defunct, old assumptions must be thrown out with the sacred-cows. The audience needs to grow and have less limited access to the programming. Greater restrictions only restrict the ability of advertisers to pass their message on to future customers. This is all obvious to anyone who cares to open their eyes!

Each season, I compile a list of the upcoming premiers by researching each new show. Here is my current American Broadcast TV Series Fall 2011 Premiers list... I'll upload updates as I have them completed...

Show Network Day Time EST-EDT Series Premier
In The Flow With Affion Crockett FOX Sunday 9:00 PM 14-Aug-11
Free Agents NBC Wednesday 8:30 PM 14-Sep-11
H8R CWTV Wednesday 8:00 PM 14-Sep-11
Up All Night NBC Wednesday 8:00 PM 14-Sep-11
Ringer CWTV Tuesday 9:00 PM 15-Sep-11
The Secret Circle CWTV Thursday 9:00 PM 15-Sep-11
2 Broke Girls CBS Monday 8:30 PM 19-Sep-11
Lifechangers CWTV Wednesday 3:00 PM 19-Sep-11
The Playboy Club NBC Monday 10:00 PM 19-Sep-11
New Girl FOX Tuesday 9:00 PM 20-Sep-11
Unforgettable CBS Tuesday 10:00 PM 20-Sep-11
The X Factor FOX Wednesday
8:00 PM 21-Sep-11
Person Of Interest CBS Thursday 9:00 PM 22-Sep-11
Whitney NBC Thursday 9:30 PM 22-Sep-11
Charlie's Angels ABC Thursday 8:00 PM 9/22/2011
A Gifted Man CBS Friday 8:00 PM 23-Sep-11
Pan Am ABC Sunday 10:00 PM 9/25/2011
Hart of Dixie CWTV Monday 9:00 PM 26-Sep-11
Terra Nova FOX Monday 8:00 PM 26-Sep-11
Suburgatory ABC Wednesday 8:30 PM 28-Sep-11
How To Be A Gentleman CBS Thursday 8:00 PM 29-Sep-11
Allen Gregory FOX Sunday 8:30 PM 10-Oct-11
Last Man Standing  ABC Tuesday 8:00 PM 11-Oct-11
Man Up ABC Tuesday 8:30 PM 18-Oct-11
Grimm NBC Friday 9:00 PM 21-Oct-11
Once Upon a Time ABC Sunday 8:00 PM 23-Oct-11
I Hate My Teenage Daughter FOX Wednesday 9:30 PM 23-Nov-11
Smash NBC Monday 10:00 PM 6-Feb-12
Alcatraz FOX     MSR
Apartment 23 ABC     MSR
Awake NBC     MSR
Fashion Star NBC     MSR
Missing ABC     MSR
Re-Modeled CWTV     MSR
Scandal ABC     MSR
The Finder FOX Thursdays 9:00 PM MSR
The Frame CWTV     MSR
The River ABC     MSR
Scandal ABC     MSR


*MSR Mid-Season Replacement or Future Un-Dated Show Download CSV


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